DJ CRYPT - Ginesis [Vinyl LP]

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Crypt with his first own beatmaker album hittin you matchless. On 12 songs he delivers a dope range from trip hop songs to boom bap beats and chilled productions. Spiced up with some precise scratches on most of the songs, this album needs to find it’s way into your crates.

Brown Galaxy Vinyl! Limited to 150 units!


A1: Ginesis

A2: 1999

A3: Distilled Molecules

A4: Stimulating Soundbites [Feat. Robert Smith]

A5: Gin Funk

A6: Underwater Madness [Feat. Robert Smith & Sneaky]

B1: Botanical Sax [Feat. Sneaky & What The Tilly]

B2: Space is Da Place [Feat. Classic Der Dicke & What The Tilly]

B3: Raw Juniper

B4: State Of Mind [Feat. Al Rock & Classic Der Dicke]

B5: Homies [Feat. Hydrogenii]

B6: Showdown [Feat. Epharim Giepen]